Friday, January 1, 2010

After the Ball: New Beginnings

It's not only the beginning of a year, but the beginning of a decade.

Last night we had a few friends over for a party during which one person made this observation: Didn't it seem like we spent so much of our lives in anticipation of the year 2000, which appeared to be such a milestone -- a New Century -- and suddenly, it's ten years later already? We've already used up a tenth of the new century.

Many of us have traditions and rituals that engage us at this time of year. Parties, presents, resolutions. Historically I spend New Years Day setting up a workspace in the family room to begin working on my taxes, organizing all the bills, receipts, pay stubs, etc. so that by the time the Super Bowl is here I'm ready to see my tax guy. Not so this year. Today will be spent in final preparations for the two art shows I am setting up this weekend, at Starbucks (Downtown Duluth) and the Superior Library.

In preparing my thoughts for this blog entry I looked back at a few of my journals (I've been keeping journals since the mid-70's) and thought a few entries might be suited to the day.

Jan 1, '95
The New Year has arrived.
The New Year has unpacked its bags to stay.
The New Year has welcomed us and spreads itself before us.
The New Year greets us, embraces us.
The New Year has commenced.
1995 is here.

Theme for 1995: Embrace you Dream and Inspire others to Dream.
Thot: To inspire others to dream we must ourselves be dreamers of dreams.

Jan 1, 2006
Finished Brock book. Added it to website reading list.
2006 Resolutions
Not sure other than to lose some weight. Susie asked how I will do that. Well, first, by not eating when I am not hungry.
Today, the tree comes down.
Today I begin my taxes.
Today the moon will stand on its head.
Today the sun is again hiding its face.
Today is what it is.

Article idea: Monologue vs. Dialogue
Engaging the world. Cannot do it from position of soapbox. To treat people like we're teachers and they're pupils is an insult. True engagement means vulnerability. Dialogue puts people on equal footing: "I have things I can learn from you, too."

Jan 1, 2010
Are you ready?


Christella said...

Good luck with the art shows. Taxes can wait.

ENNYMAN said...

Yes, thanks... and keep making art, and friends, and writing yourself.
The best to you in 2010.