Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dylan Daze Getting Positive Reviews

Don't confuse Dylan Daze with Dylan Days. Dylan Days is an event in Hibbing that "happens every spring", not unlike the migration of birds north or the start of a new baseball season. Dylan Daze is the title of my small collection of Dylan paintings, drawings and memorabilia, now on display in a showcase at the Superior Library.

Library director Nora Fie gave me a call last summer after seeing my show at The Venue @Mohaupt. She said the library had begun using its display space for showcasing local artists and would I consider it? I said yes, of course. She gave me the dimensions and I considered that a part of the challenge. At The Venue I had hundreds of feet of wall space. My display area here measured in inches.

No problem. Like solving a good word puzzle, it's just a matter of focus.

Due to the space limitations this is an incomplete collection of my Dylan paintings and drawings. I was actually surprised at how many pieces I had created over the years. It certainly wasn't intentional... until now, perhaps. I still have a half dozen others that either didn't make the cut or will be displayed at The Thirsty Pagan this coming weekend.

Additional features of the Dylan Daze exhibit: the walls of the showcase have been lined with pages from the 1938 London Times. It seemed like a good tie-in to The Times They Are A-Changin', the cover image one of the paintings is based on. Another feature is that my "Dylan Wall" of clippings and memorabilia (above right) has been dismantled. For years I had been stapling newspaper clippings and magazine covers featuring Dylan to a section on the wall of my garage, which doubles as an art studio from spring to fall. The interplay between these clippings and the pieces themselves makes a fun pursuit as your mind weaves new connections between the art and the events.

If you're in the neighborhood, I do hope you'll check it out. The library is open daily till 8:30 and on Saturdays from ten to two. It is my hope that this is enough to make you wish to see more. Any painting may be purchased, though the newspaper clippings and magazine covers are from my personal collection of memorabilia and not for sale.

At this time, two pieces here are available as limited edition giclee reproductions. Dylan II, the large framed piece on the left based on Dylan’s Times They Are A-Changing album cover is an acrylic wash on paper with an ask price of $1950. Signed, unframed giclee prints are $200.

The large central 2’ x 3’ panel is based on another iconic Sixties Dylan image and is also available in a limited edition giclee 16” x 24” reproduction. The first ten will be sold for $300 apiece with the remaining 90 in this limited edition set being $400.

At this time I also have a dozen paintings on display at Starbucks in Downtown Duluth if you are over on that side of the bridge.

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