Saturday, January 30, 2010

Last Stand for Sitting Bull @ Thirsty Pagan

As we enter the last weekend of January I'll be removing my art from three venues. The Dylan Daze display will come down this morning at the Superior Library. Tomorrow, late afternoon, I will be removing my work from the wall at Starbucks in Duluth. On Monday, the brief but exciting display at The Thirsty Pagan will be dismantled.

No laments. It was gratifying getting feedback from patrons of the Pagan this week. One metal sculptor ran out to his car to show a knife and a pendant he'd made. Artists enjoy sharing their work with other artists who might appreciate the craftsmanship.

The Thirsty Pagan is a local brewery in Superior with out of this world pizza, calzone and other specialties including live music nearly every night of the week. Because of the music, I included a number of music-themed pieces, including a couple more Dylans, a brush-and-ink guitarist loosely based on Keith Richards, and a few others. My ever popular portrait of Sitting Bull continues to get comments. Based on a famous photograph of the Sioux chief who is credited for General Custer's demise (Custer's vanity was the real culprit) friends and acquaintances interpret the eyes as conveying a lament not only for what Native Americans have lost, but for their future as well. I'm grateful to have been able to capture, even to a small degree, this emotional connection to his heart.

Well, all that to say, if you want to check it out, tonight and tomorrow will be your last chance. Good brew, live music, atmosphere... what more can you ask for?

Click on images to enlarge. See something you like, send me a note for pricing.


John Prin said...

Hey Ed,
Fabulous! Way to go!
Blessings galore,
John Prin

ENNYMAN said...

We'll see where it all leads.
Thanks for your encouragement.