Sunday, January 17, 2010

Congratulations, Vikings

If you can't be there in person, TV is probably the preferred method of watching a football game. But a lot of people settle for radio when they are in their cars or working in the garage.

With the advent of Internet you have additional options. ESPN offer a great NFL Gamecast with play by play, game stats and ongoing boxscore. On a typical Sunday you can pop in and out of all the games being played at the moment. Admittedly, one thing you don't get with NFL Gamecast is crowd noise, or commentary on those special moments when the fans stand up to cheer their home team. Nevertheless it's another way follow the unfolding story.

Then there's Twitter. Whereas NFL Gamecast gives the facts, staight up, without commentary, Twitter can sometimes become a wild brawl with colorful language and intense emotions. Here's a brief exchange that took place after Brett Favre took a hard hit by assaulting Cowboys.

Congrats, Brett. Keep it going...

gmuneybagz: RT @LenzyHoodtimes: much luv 4 BRETT FAVRE!!! FEW YEARS AGO WEN I WAS DEALN WIT A PACKERS FAN
less than 20 seconds ago from UberTwitter

hodag91: @DarnBurr was that something nice that you just said about favre?
less than 20 seconds ago from Tweetie

ImaGee_: Yall know how much I dislike the Cowboys but I'm takin them 5x's over Brett Favre. Call it hate if you want but I DO NOT want to see him win
less than 20 seconds ago from dabr

goldwingman: enjoying coffee, tv, watching Favre get hammered. how does the old man take it? he B tuff, that's how. git 'em Brett
less than 20 seconds ago from web

HurriKane1911: #omgfacts the first legal forward pass in American football took place in 1906. Who threw it?...Brett Favre
half a minute ago from UberTwitter

shella10: Though I don't like the soap opera drama he brings every offseason, I still respect his work ethic. Go Favre!
half a minute ago from web


GoodTryers: The Good Tryers support financial backer Brett Favre.
half a minute ago from Facebook

cunha84: @Eng3Shaggy They just hate whatever team favre is on lol and where is @geoffkeegan with his comment on the vikings game
half a minute ago from txt

Yngnfly: RT @chef2thestars: I love brett favre, he plays w such heart! Errbody else just wanna check <--- YES HE DOES, MY FAVORITE QB OF ALL TIME half a minute ago from UberTwitter

lilDickTracy: @Dino_Brown in head to head games no buddy. cuz manning suck in cold weather. if Favre was in a dome 17years this convo wouldn't happen
half a minute ago from TweetDeck

Zakstheman: @WhitlockJason waitin for some type of comment on the officials no call on unneccessary roughness/late hit on favre. oh, u picked cowboys
half a minute ago from API

tadster1981: cant believe that favre has a shot at another super bowl win
half a minute ago from web

macrwc: Not really a Brett Favre fan, but like the Cowboys even less. Go, Vikings!
half a minute ago from Mixero

theonlinemom: @LynnaKay yup awesome! I just hope the defense can come thru for Favre
less than a minute ago from TweetDeck

LeeCorning: I think they should get rid of the little robot guy that dances on fox during football and replace it w/ a digital brett favre. #BRETTS
less than a minute ago from web

therealare1: If Brett Favre wins the Super Bowl this year I won't argue w/ ppl who says he's the best QB ever...
less than a minute ago from API

Sexyassbitch85: @NewYorxFinest smh nah don't think soo.. Ill go all in, in favor for brett favre!!!
less than a minute ago from UberTwitter

stacerz02: uh oh - the cowboys better get going ; minnesota is up 17-3 with 12:17 left in the 3Q - Romo- don't let Favre dominate you like that!
less than a minute ago from web

MaxwellSam: @mike_coombs GO VIKINGS. Favre=God (a.k.a your father). The cowboys were foolish to fire Bledsoe

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