Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Things I Learned In College: A Baker's Dozen

The college experience isn't just about what you learn in the classroom. Here's a short list of some of the lessons I learned.

1. Waterbeds are overrated.
2. The shortest distance between two points is called jaywalking.
3. How to play harmonica.
4. If there is a civil discussion taking place on a stage in front of a large crowd, and someone grabs the mic and shouts, “Follow me,” most people in the room will follow him, just to see what will happen next.
5. Some girls are only there to get a guy.
6. Some guys are only there to see how many girls they can get.
7. Other guys are only there because they got a scholarship to do something they probably won’t do the rest of their lives anyways.
8. In a class where you are given the privilege of grading yourself, when you give yourself a B everyone else will make fun of you.
9. Life is not fair. Rich kids get more breaks when they get busted. Other kids end up in jail.
10. I discovered and learned to appreciate jazz.
11. Things are not always what they seem.
12. Darkness means different things to different people. When a girl asks you to walk her home, sometimes it is because she doesn’t want to get raped.
13. When the sun comes up, it's morning.

Hoping the sun is up in your hearts... Make the most of your day!

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