Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Five Minutes with Karess Pastore

I first saw her paintings at the Red Mug in Superior and loved the way her paintings seemed to glow, so I sent her an email. She replied that her newest work was currently on display at the Zinema in Downtown Duluth and I went out of my way to check it out.
Karess Pastore was born and raised in Chicago and currently lives in Duluth.

Ennyman: How did you first discover your love for making art? Who were your early influences?
Karess: I guess I discovered art at a very young age. I have a picture of myself painting when I was about six years old. I did not really have the realization that I truly wanted to be an artist until much later in life. Subconsciously I always wanted to be one! My early influence was Peter Max.

Ennyman: What kind of training have you had in the arts?
Karess: I trained at Minneapolis College of Art and Design as a Sculptor.

Ennyman: Who are your current influences?
Karess: Jeff Koons

Ennyman: Tell us about the paints you work with? The colors are quite vibrant. How did this evolve?
Karess: I work with enamels. I love bright colors! It seems like when I run out of red paint, I stop painting. I have tried to correct this problem. No go! Sometimes my mind and body take over Karess Pastore. I don't even know if that makes sense!

Ennyman: In addition to color, your current work has a lot of texture. What prompted this kind of exploration?
Karess: I have had a passion for sculpture from day one. It is much more interesting to visualize and touch. I am very tactile.

Ennyman: I see from the Red Mug show that you have sold some pieces. How long have you been selling art and what has been the most effective venue for this?
Karess: I have been selling art for ten years. It is getting more difficult for me. I am interested in "Art for Art Sake", created from my innermost feelings. People are looking for pretty work to match the couch. I would like to create work for the stage. I will try to direct my new work to Lady GaGa. I am working on a sculpture at this time that she would understand.

Ennyman: Where is your studio?
Karess: My studio is where I live.

Ennyman: Do you have links to places online where we can direct people to see more of your work?
Karess: I do not have a website at this time. There are old links of work that I am not proud of.

It will be interesting to see where it all leads.... Thanks, Karess, for sharing a little bit of yourself here.

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