Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Twitter is a Useful Tool

Each of the social media portals has its place, but I will just throw a quick one for Twitter because it is so underrated by people who do not understand it.

Today is Election Day USA, and by posting a hash tag like this # before the word election in your post, it will be noticed by all Twitter members following the election.

Currently I am at the SEMA Automotive Performance Show in Las Vegas and if you want, you can follow all posts related to SEMA with this same hash tag identifier.

Media people following trends can get a lot by seeing who is saying what. And anyone interested in following "as it happens" live mapping of election results can go to this Washington Post website which I found in five seconds thru Twitter.


I was an early adopter of Twitter and remain a believer in its power as a tool. It can also be set up to automatically post your tweets on Facebook.... which has value only depending on the value of what you are chatting about.

Meantime... life goes on all around you. Check it out.

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Amy said...

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