Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter Seen

I saw an article yesterday about a man whose vintage motorcycle collection went up in flames. A warehouse burned which stored his 100 vintage motorcycles and six cars. The anomaly in the story was that the estimated worth was $100,000. If you divide that figure by one hundred, then each motorcycle was worth $1,000. If that were the case, the other vehicles and warehouse had no value at all, which doesn't make sense. To put things in perspective, a new Electra Glide, Harley-Davidson's best selling bike, carries a $21,000 price tag.

Color of the Day: White, with blue pinstripes

Song of the Day: Waiting for the Sun

Topic of the Day: The weather

Featured Business of the Day: Icehouse Studios

Poem of the Day: Winter Morn

Winter Morn
The cold North Wind has blown into town;
The earth, in her bridal wedding gown
awaits the glistening eye of sun
to smile (as if to say “you’re the one”)
and as smiling face sheds morning light
her gown reflects it, making bright
the world once shrouded still and gray.
‘Tis glorious, this, the dawn of day.

Jan 19 1998

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