Friday, July 15, 2011

25 Things I Could Write About But Probably Won't

I suppose that if I would write more than one blog entry a day, I could write about all the things I think about. But alas, a guy has to have a life. So instead of giving fully fleshed out mini-essays, I will just make a list here and leave it at that. At the end, I'll also mention three things you will hear of me writing more about. But first...

1. The Robin Hood Foundation
2. The Minnesota Twins
3. Underwater Volcanoes
4. Why the guy arrested for saggy pants is the number one search item on Yahoo Buzz this morning.
5. Why I almost forgot to shave today.
6. Why Ted Danson is in the news again.
7. Rodney King
8. Why I still have a pair of winter gloves in my car in July.
9. The Tall Ships in Duluth
10. Ben Bernanke
11. Breaking Facebook news
12. The Philippines warning against using geckos as treatment for AIDS and impotence.
13. The attempt by Carl Icahn to buy Clorox for 10.2 billion dollars.
14. The News Corp. hacking scandal
15. Efforts to boost computer science jobs in Wyoming
16. Angelina Jolie
17. The San Juan, Puerto Rico, music scene
18. Levis
19. Face transplants
20. Cy Twombley (I wanted to comment on Cy's passing last week, but didn't know what to say.)
21. The Taliban
22. The Lottery
23. The first six days of Creation
24. Porcupines
25. John Wayne

A few things I will be almost surely writing about in the next few months....
1. The publication of my first novel on Kindle and Nook.
2. Red Interactive
3. More artist interviews, more book and film reviews
4. The hikers who are still jailed in Iran
5. Something related to Bob Dylan

In the meantime, have a really great weekend.

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