Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mixed Up Confusion

"Makes you ashamed to live in a land where justice is a game...." ~Dylan

In a world as interconnected as ours, there are simply too many things happening to make comments on them all, or even to follow them all. In point of fact, when the Casey Anthony verdict came down yesterday I was not even aware the trial was still going on. I have not been following this soap opera. It only took ten minutes to understand why this story has mesmerized so many. I mean, Casey Anthony's daughter was missing and she was off partying, getting tattoos and not reporting it to the police for a month.

The Twitterverse was universally outraged on the verdict, and the blogosphere was equally abuzz. One of the more creative blogs on the story was at a site called Maxi's Comments by a writer named Maxi Malone. Since Casey Anthony was such an inventive story teller, Ms. Malone uses fiction to tell a story as well... this one being Caylee's story. Its riveting opening makes this inventive blog entry quite a compelling read.

Hi, my name is Caylee Marie Anthony. Do you like stories? I love stories … and I … do you wanna hear my story? It’s not about dolls and stuff, it’s about Magic.

If you have been following the story, yesterday's verdict no doubt churned your stomach. If you've not been following it... well.... I'm gonna have to turn the page.

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