Friday, July 22, 2011

Elliot Bros. to Perform at Swamp Sisters Saturday

This Saturday morning customers of the ever crowded Swamp Sisters restaurant near Twig MN will once again be treated to live music by de Elliot Bros. Jugband. Your faithful blogger will be there to add harmonies, harmonica, a little rhythm on the washboard to be part of the music. One patron last year said it was "the highlight of his summer." Probably says more about his summer than the band though the spontaneous appearance of the band really was a treat for many.

Elliot Silberman, founder of de Elliot Bros., likes to describe jug band music as "poor man's jazz." Essentially, poor folk who love to sing, make music and have a good time can do just that with anything and everything they have on hand to make a tune with, even it is only a pair of spoons, a washboard or jug. I regularly see pots 'n pans, and other kitchen utensils used for a rhythm section. This orchestra is all filler that serves as support for the mandolin, banjo or guitar players who do the pickin' and a-grinnin'.

I've played harmonicas for over forty years now. Except when playing the lonesome cowboy role, most harmonica players prefer being that "something extra" that adds flavor to a group of instruments like a good spicy seasoning. A harmonica is not the meat, just that added kick that you savor after the meal.

Speaking of meals, once you come out to the Swamp Sisters you'll of course need to get yourself a bite to eat. The Bonnie's Swamp Skillet, with real buffalo meat, is their highlight. They also have very large pancakes for very small prices, and wonderful French toast. Better bring an appetite. I usually only order a half because their portions are generous. And the atmosphere can't be beat, in the heart of the country. To find us, take highway 53 north to Twig, make a left on County 7 and snake back about five miles. Look for the signs. We'll be on the right.

Swamp Sisters is open Fridays and Saturdays for breakfast and lunch. They close the kitchen around two, but the caramel rolls (to die for) will be long gone by then, so come early.

If you're needing a routine change, this one is recommended. And you might as well start tomorrow. We'll be setting up at nine. In the morning, that is.

See you there.


Anonymous said...

Please consider entering the LOOONg email list you send out to, in the Bcc so people don't have to scroll through three pages of email lists to get to your message

ENNYMAN said...

Yes, I saw what they did. I only wrote the blog and did not forward it via email like that, but have spoken to the person who did and it hopefully won't happen again.

I think Lonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg is spelled like this, not LOOONg.... Not sure though.
Thanks for the note.