Saturday, November 10, 2012

Intergalactica: Part V

The people of this planet had been cast under a spell, living in perpetual insecurity and fear. Njall belonged to the once fearless tribe of Gissuradotti. In olden times they would have sent an entourage to welcome a strange visitor like this to their planet, but something had crushed their confidence. They had come to believe the lies of a false prophet who said the planet was doomed and they were a doomed race. As a result the entire race chose to live underground, living in caverns underground, waiting for the end.

When Njall saw the brilliance of Aurora’s coming, she trembled.

Within the shadows of the forest Aurora stood motionless, fully aware. Njall, contrary to her tribal tendency to flee, went forward to explore. This was the forbidden Forest of Griffton. Njall had heard that there was an altar there to an unknown God and she suddenly felt compelled to find it, for what reason she knew not.

As she entered the forbidden forest she caught sight of Aurora and was struck dumb by Aurora’s bright spirit and beauty. Weary of the hopeless outlook of her people, Njall stared at Aurora and wondered how anything but goodness could be in store for her people.


Intergalactica is a collaborative project conceived and produced by Patty Peterson Mahnke, Kate Dupre and Ed Newman in the spring of 2012. The role of Njall was played by Kailyn Avery.

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