Saturday, June 15, 2013

Around Town

If you got out last night there was plenty to see here in Duluth. I started at Washington Gallery where AJ Atwater's show Manhattan Nightscapes blew my socks off. Atwater, an artist who has been living in Duluth for 26 years, has been taking time each of the past several years to paint in the Big Apple each spring and fall. This show attempts to organize what the city inspires. The pieces were all painted in 2013. It's an impressive collection with titles reflecting the regions of Manhatten that they abstractly represent: Midtown, Lower East Side, East River and East Village. The personable Atwater enjoyed speaking about the pieces and answering questions when asked.

Mary Bue
From here I slid over to Clyde Iron Works for the Snobarn CD Release party which featured an ecclectic mix of artists and musicians. My aim was to catch Mary Bue, who opened to a sketchily thin crowd as it was still early. There were many familiar faces of artists and art scene regulars. Bue gave the crowd some heart and a few times I noticed that everyone stopped whatever they were doing to listen. It's a challenging setting to open but she seemed no notice as her fingers danced across the keyboards, her songs fluid with life.

Artists with wares displayed included Teresa Kolar, David Moreira, the SkatRadioh poster boy, as well as Eris Vafias and Patricia Mahnke, the latter two representing Limbo Gallery which is preparing for Artist Kamika V later this year. 

From here I returned downtown to see the PROVE show titled The Lost, the Discarded and the Beautiful which featured interesting works including this on titled Persisting Thoughts in 6B and 4B by Brent Erickson. Double Dutch had a show again this month featuring photography by Jeremiah Brown. And not to be left out there was a packed Ochre Ghost for its humorous exhibition of portraits with quote bubbles reminiscent of Lichtenstein, only much more interesting. It would appear that Jessica is gone for the time being but the gallery will go on.

Back at the Clyde Snobarn performed a stellar set after which Charlie Parr stepped in to close out the night. His rhythms got everyone's feet a-movin', filling the dance floor in front of the stage.

Here are some shots from the evening. And if you get a chance, mosey on down to the Oldenburg House in Carlton for Sol Fest. It's shaping up to be a beautiful day.

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