Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Spotlight on Painter Robin Maria Pedrero

Art and artists are everywhere, but in the "old days" (i.e. 20 years ago) you had to find them by visiting galleries or attending art fairs. The internet changed all that, and today with social media you can find artists all over the world, by Twitter, Facebook, blogs and just plain old surfing. And then there are all the art-related enewsletters one can subscribe to... When I stumbled upon Robin Maria Pedrero's colorful work I reached out. She consented to this interview.

Here are a few of her more recent accolades. The Florida artist is an elected signature member of the Pastel Society of America. She was awarded Best Artist in Florida 2012 by Baterbys Art Auction Gallery, listed in Florida International Magazine’s Florida Artists Hall of Fame, and the winning Artiste Wine Label artist 2012.

EN: How did you come to take up painting?
RMP: I was a very creative child, with my parents knowing I showed an interest in art from a young age, while at a store that had a small frame shop we met an artist who was very encouraging and shared about her classes. My parents had me study oil painting with Dori K. Mandel who became my first mentor when I was 13, followed by artist Dan Truth. Both had studied with the colorist Robert Brackman.

EN: What kinds of paint do you prefer and what size pieces do you like to paint?
RMP: Although the transition from oils to acrylics has been years in my artistic journey I primarily work in acrylics and mixed media. I like to keep my work fresh and I experiment a lot with various sizes, if I had to pick a favorite size perhaps a 36” x 48”.

EN: Who have been your biggest influences and why?
RMP: As I mentioned earlier my art training began with the influence of Robert Brackman, then the impressionists, Renoir, and the “father of painting” Cezanne. I studied both Salvador Dali and Picasso, interested in the expanse of their creativity and skills and their incredible business sense. I continue to be inspired by my contemporaries, in discussions, shared techniques, and inspirations. I’ve an idea now to map my influences in a time line someday and see how they’ve influenced my work.

EN: Your work has been shown all over the world. How did this come about?
RMP: I believe that by sharing my art on social network media sites like Facebook and especially Twitter, that people are introduced to my art and thus it is shown and purchased all over the world. I am often invited to exhibit, and I enjoy collaborative endeavors.

EN: What role does music play in your work?
RMP: I will sometimes listen to the same song, or series of songs while working on a painting or a series. I find that the music encourages movement in paint.

EN: You work shows a strong love of vivid color. Have you always painted in this manner or is this something that evolved over time?
RMP: As I reflect on my early works there is that love of color. The use of color is something that just came natural to me. I did learn to see color even in the edges of my subjects which I still use to this day. I often have to work to subdue the intensity of the colors that I initially place on the canvas.

TO SEE MORE of Pedrero's work:
Facebook: facebook.com/RobinMariaPedrero
Twitter: @robinpedrero
Her website, www.gallery523.com/ will connect you to galleries, venues (both brick and mortar and online) and events where her work appears.
And she is also on Flickr.
Thank you, Robin, for sharing yourself here.


Robin Kalinich said...

Very interesting and inspiring. Thank you!

Robin Kalinich

Robin Pedrero said...

my website is now RobinMariaPedrero.com