Friday, June 7, 2013

Free This Friday: Unremembered Histories

The big news in ePublishing this week has been a trial involving and Apple regarding pricing and eBooks. According to this article at The Verge, "One of the side benefits of the trial has been the amount of information it has provided about the business practices of Amazon and Apple, two highly secretive companies." Personally, I find that we're already so awash in information that I'm getting weary from swimming in it. If only I had a boat....

Well, there's a sense in which a good book really is like a boat. It takes you away on an island adventure, and you can stay as long as you like.

Today, N&L Publishing has made my Unremembered Histories into a Free Download from midnight last night to midnight tonight. This volume of six stories has several personal favorites beginning with "Two Acts That Changed the World." The book's title comes from the longest story here, "An Unremembered History of the World."  The common denominator in this collection is the supernatural aspect.

Unremembered Histories can be read on any eReader, not just a Kindle. You can download an app to read it on any digital device from a laptop or PC to your mobile phone if so inclined. Click HERE to download today .

ON ANOTHER TOPIC, this morning at 10:00 a.m. tickets go on sale for the July 9 Bob Dylan concert in Bayfront Park here in Duluth. You can read details in Christa Lawler's June 4 Trib story.

Do have a great weekend.... 

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