Monday, September 1, 2014

Clues for this week's Twin Ports Treasure Hunt

I've hidden these somewhere in the Twin Ports.
On Friday I shared that I would be hiding my art cards around the Twin Ports and that finding them would entitle the bearer to receive a Free Copy of my first volume of short stories titled Unremembered Histories.

The problem is, that there are all kinds of laws in place that regulate contests, and if I conduct such a contest I may also be subject to legal retribution. Alas, the idea of it was fun to conceive. Nevertheless, the "contest" as such is cancelled. Instead, let's just play hide and seek. Three of the cards in his photo have already been hidden. The other two will be hidden tomorrow.

Here are a pair of clues as regards to where you might find one of these art cards in the Twin Ports.... More clues to come!

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