Thursday, September 25, 2014

Items of Note for the Weekend Ahead

“The person who appreciates a great work of art has the feeling that the work grows in him as he becomes involved in a prolonged capturing of emerging marginal meanings. He feels that he, too, is creative, that he himself is adding to his experience and understanding. Moreover, he wants to confront the work of art many times. He is not easily tired of it, as he would be had he read a purely logical statement. He realizes that the work of art does not merely transmit information; it produces pleasure.” ~ Silvano Arieti

It's that time of year when Mother Nature pulls out he paint brush and begins splashing colors across the landscape. All shades of red, yellow and orange will be predominant, but a few years back I captured a photo with all colors of the rainbow on a single tree.

This weekend is what is often labeled the "peak" for this annual spectacle of color. Our North Shore is such an eyeful of wonder each year that people come fairly long distances to be here at this time of the year, driving that most scenic Highway 61 up the North Shore of Lake Superior from Two Harbors to Grand Portage. Lake views along the way are always breathtaking, but if you get the weather right, it's glorious in all every direction you look.

The region is so beautiful that it is only natural that artists would make their homes here. What's not so common is that many of these artists decided to use the occasion to open their studios and share their work, and sometimes their homes, with people who have already proven they appreciate beauty.

Thus was born the Crossing Borders Studio Tour.

Tomorrow, September 26 through October 5 you're invited not only to drive our beautiful North Shore, but you're also invited to visit some of our many artists along the way. We have printmakers, potters, painters, sculptors and other artisans who not only make wonderful work, they are interesting people as well.

And the weather forecast is looking pretty good. Here's the map to help you along the way.

Saturday evening there will be another multimedia event featuring the St. Paul's Zeitgeist New Music Ensemble, composer Kathy McTavish and poet Sheila Packa in a Duluth performance of the new chamber work: høle in the skY.

The event/installation is being held in the gymnasium at Trepanier Hall, the former YWCA at 202 W. Second Street in Duluth.

Guests are invited to bring their devices to this immersive, live performance & installation ... You'll have the opportunity to wander / drill down / traverse / write to the screen. This is a form of interactive performance art and a Happening.

More information and tickets here.

* * * *

There's really much more to share than I have time here this a.m. Pick up a Transistor or a Reader for more art to see. The Tweed has a great ceramics show now, and you really must see the Duluth Art Institute galleries right now.

Then again, from time to time it's just plain good to get back to nature. Whether you bring a camera or a journal, it's up to you. Just do it.

* * * *

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