Saturday, September 6, 2014

Local Art Seen: Chairs, Visions and Influences

Today, Mad Magazine illustrator Sergio Aragonés is 77.

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There were several openings this week in the Twin Ports. Kris Nelson's ongoing Chairs project has been appearing in a number of spaces recently, one of these being the Red Mug Coffeehouse. After years of watercolors, stained glass, weaving, ceramics and other creative explorations Nelson finally found a focus for her creative energies. She has been painting chairs since 1996 and her goal is to complete 1000 chairs by the time she's 100. She's one-fifth of the way there, and you owe it to yourself to grab a bite to eat or some coffee some time in the next few weeks so you can see what the "Chair Lady" is all about.

Thursday evening I was able to check out a new exhibition by Esther Piszczek titled Visions at Beaners. Piszczek is an emerging artist and fairly recent transplant to the Twin Ports who's focus is Zentangle-inspired creation. It seems like every show demonstrate new explorations and this one is no different. In her Visions show she's begun placing her ornate patterns onto frames, glass and mirrors. Be sure to follow her on Facebook because she has quite a few items that will make nice Christmas fare. I'm sure she'll make known the whereabouts of her upcoming shows there if you miss it here.

My own event at Benchmark Tattoo was called Influences. Benchmark Tattoo is a wonderful new space in the Twin Ports for showcasing artists. From my first interactions with Kyle and Dane I observed a professionalism in their manner of dealing with the artists whom they represent.

The reception ran from 6-10 p.m. last night. My initial reaction to a four hour event was to fear it becoming too long, too much. I was wrong. The four hours flew by like a weaver's shuttle and provided the valuable time for unhurried visits with friends and visitors.

The work displayed here expresses a variety of the primary influences on who I am and have become. It is not a comprehensive “explanation” of where my attitudes and convictions come from, but it does express a large swath of the territory from which my creative passions were derived.
Over the course of the next four weeks, if you get a chance drop in and check it out.

There's always more to see and do than there is time. Thanks to all who joined us last night at Benchmark Tattoo. It was a very special time.

Meantime, art goes on all around you. Enjoy it.

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