Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ice Hole Art

Nature is endlessly fascinating. I have a friend who is passionate about photographing our Great Lake because on any given day it yields a different array of images based on temperature, cloud cover, wind, angle of the light and so on. 

Below are a set of images showing a somewhat smaller body of water in various shapes and forms. This is a puddle that our geese like to play in, less than three feet in diameter. The photos have been taken on various mornings as I walk to the road to fetch the newspaper. Susie took the very last photo here, the spiral design, and sent it to me over the weekend. The one just above it reminds me of a fried egg. 

In this time of transition between seasons, patience
is the best way to enjoy nature's fleeting designs.
Open your eyes.


Pedro Albuquerque said...

Nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

Milissa said...

Wow, I would never have thought about an ice hole being art. Thanks for yet another reminder that art is everywhere!