Sunday, April 26, 2015

Local Art Seen: Homegrown Chicken Illustrators Primp @ The PRØVE

Today is the opening of the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival, but Friday evening's Homegrown Illustration Show was the appetizer, and it was sheer entertainment. Eighteen artists produced illustrations featuring various local heroes of the Homegrown music experience. In addition to the main show there were also sections of the gallery dedicated to art clubs from Harbor City School and Duluth East. It wasn't long after the doors opened that the space with filled with friends of the PRØVE and others checking it out.

Many of the paintings had whimsical titles that corresponded with the nature of the show. Others chose straightforward titles like, well, the name of the musician. Here is a list of contributing artists and their works.

Chris Monroe, Starfire
Adam Swanson, Chicken Ness
Alexis Le Blanc, #Wheres Dizzo
Skad Radioh, Hung
Amber Beck, Adam Guggemos
Sarah Riley, Melissa La Tour
Chris Monroe, Sparhawk
Sonnen and Klaus, Brian Ring
Jami Rosenthal, Matt Mobley
Emily Michog, Heiko
Quinn & Regan, Tyler Scouton
Carla Hamilton, Chow Haul
Devon O'Shaughnessy, Trampled by Chickens
Emma Rustan, Dave Hoops
Chelsey Beveiter, Charlie Parr
Lucy Tennis Anderson, Greg Conley
Liindsey Graskey, Choke Chicken

Here are examples of works represented at the event.

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