Thursday, April 16, 2015

John Bushey Fund Raiser at the Clyde Iron Works

For more than two decades John Bushey has been giving back to the community, and to the world-at-large, through his magic and the music of Bob Dylan which he shares weekly on the KUMD program Highway 61 Revisited.

For the third time in a dozen years he's had to do the cancer battle, and though once more he is regaining the upper hand in his fight for life and health, it's a struggle that can produce extensive medical bills.

For this reason, friends of this Northland asset have assembled a fund raiser to help reduce the pocketbook pinch. Come out and support John and enjoy an afternoon food and diversion nearly as thrilling as seeing Houdini escape from a straightjacket. He's escaped death; maybe he will show us how he escapes from handcuffs.

The music lineup is top drawer. And there's even a meal. Join us a week from Sunday at the Clyde.

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