Sunday, August 23, 2015

Local Art Seen: Kuth and Atwater Create A Thrill on Cooke Street

Friday was the opening reception for the Elizabeth Kuth and AJ Atwater Affordable Fine Art Show in Lakeside. The weather was perfect and the house was alive and abuzz, a hive of energy. Out front an abstract assemblage of boards served as a marker as if to say "This is the place." And as I walked through the door I was notified that many pieces had already sold. Very nice.

I myself had come to explore the four galleries upstairs that I had not yet seen in my sneak preview.

An Atwater piece on the MacBook Air
There are actually eight rooms with artwork in them. Six of them have been set up as galleries, plus the kitchen where finger food and beverages were served and a pair of laptops with PowerPoint slideshows displaying more work in the dining room.

The galleries were set up Salon style, as opposed to the format where each piece is isolated, surrounded by wall space so as to become a focal point without other competition for the eye. This Salon layout gave opportunity for a maximum number of pieces. In this show there are 300 works of art. Each artist had three rooms, with themes for each.

Elizabeth Kuth piece
Atwater's galleries are titled:
Blue and Green Gallery
Red, Orange and Yellow Gallery
White and Black Gallery

Kuth's gallery rooms are titled:
“Layering, Mark-Making and Ancestry”
“Rooted Expression”
“Interior Landscape”

If you can make it, you will be rewarded. As Elizabeth Kuth stated, "We all seek inspiration somewhere. That's what we're trying to do, create inspiration." And I'd say they've done that. No sooner was I home than I wanted to be out in my studio.

The show opened Friday and continues through August 28th, noon-3pm daily. Atwater's home/studio/gallery, located at 4701 Cooke Street, will also open by appointment for tours through the show. Reminder: This week's show is a one-time event. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

A perfect environment for conversations with friends
Atwater works in the Black and White Gallery
Atwater piece in the Red, Orange and Yellow Gallery
 Meantime, art goes on all around you. Celebrate it.

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Kathy Kollodge said...

Ken and I went to the opening and it was fabulous! There were so many art pieces that we loved, we had a hard time choosing.... We couldn't decide between two of Elizabeth's works on paper but then we saw how wonderful they looked together and bought them both. We also purchased one of AJ's paintings on canvas complete with rips of frustration.. Don't miss this show!