Monday, October 3, 2016

9 More Reasons Dylan Fans Should Join Us at the Rex

Yesterday I shared 7 Reasons to join us October 15 at The Rex @ Fitger's in Duluth to celebrate the 25th anniversary of John Bushey's KUMD  radio program Highway 61 Revisited. In addition to an evening of fun and memorable music (Cowboy Angel Blue and The Freewheelers, plus special guests) there will be a silent auction with many unusual and rare Dylan-themed collectibles.Take a peek here at what's in store. Moneys raised from goods sold will be used to defray the costs associated with this event. Whatever else is procured will be used as seed money for the 2017 Duluth Dylan Fest. (If you see something you really want and are outbid, there is an ATM machine inside the Fitgers complex. Just so you know.)

Here are some items to be auctioned in addition to the ones shown yesterday....

This vinyl of Blood on the Tracks...
...has exceedingly rare back cover art.
Bob Dylan personally signed & sent this for the occasion.
A truly great album.
Not sold in stores!
Joan likewise signed and sent something special.
This Dylan vinyl is translucent red, from Asia.
Super rare poster. (I would like to hear more about this event.)
Four books signed by their respective authors.

Join us at The Rex.

He not busy being born is busy dying. 
Let's stay forever young!

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