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3 Twin Ports Art Events to Place on Your Calendars for October 21

Blue Van Gogh
Last night I was reading an interesting book called Art Cities of the Future, a Phaidon art book subtitled 21st Century Avant-Gardes. It has more than 500 photos by artists from all over the world offering an overview of the thriving arts scene and unfolding developments around the globe. Cities in this volume include Beirut, Bogota, San Juan, Singapore, Seoul and Vancouver among others. It's impressive and stimulating.

What's happening here in Duluth is likewise impressive and inspiring. In fact, I have had a number of people over the years comment to me that "New York has nothing on you." Meaning, the Twin Ports arts scene is producing work equally exciting as one would find out East in what is supposedly the capitol of the art world.

All this to say that it's not beyond the realm of belief to expect Duluth to be featured one day in a book of this kind. One sees plenty of evidence to support the notion of a maturing taking place here in the music, arts and theater scene.

* * * *

Calendars are useful for many things. One of them is to help serve up reminders so we don't double book our activities, whether meetings, parties or events. There are three arts events that I'd like to draw your attention to for OCTOBER 21. Mark your calendars.

1) Art on the Plaza is having a closing celebration Friday afternoon from 3:00-5:00 p.m. at their Belknap Plaza location. This Superior gallery will be moving to new digs as of November 1 -- 1413 Tower Avenue, next to Wine Beginnings in the former Dunbar Building. There will be music by Similar Dogs and, schedule permitting, I'll be dropping by to join with my blues harp for a few licks at some point, just because.

2) The 2016 Goin' Postal Fall Art Show will be hoppin' and a-boppin' from 6:00-9:00 p.m. with an afterparty at the newly renovated Cedar Lounge. This show has always been fun, with community friends, artists and musicians sharing their gifts and their energy. Goin' Postal has been my "home gallery" and I have produced a number of new pieces for this year's event. Other artists, familiar and new, include Andy and Becky Perfetti, John Dromeshauser, Glenn Blaszkiewicz, Carla Hamilton, Kerry Gauthier, Tom Hultquist, John Heino, Chelsey Miller, Tal Lindblad, Richard Rosvall, Dusty Keliin, Ash Marnich, Ashley King, Marcie Crain, Pearl LaFave and Tara Stone.

Both of these events above will have works that you can begin to collect or items to begin stashing for Christmas giving.

3) Make Your Mark DAI Fundraiser
It's a Fund Raising time of year for the Duluth Art Institute (DAI). Funding is what makes the world go round, especially when it comes to the arts. Communities are enriched when they support the arts. The DAI not only hosts exhibitions for the public, it offers numerous educational experiences as well. It's surprising how much they accomplish with such a small staff.

Make Your Mark is a two part event. The first takes places Next TUESDAY, October 11. The DAI is hosting an open house art making party at their Lincoln Building between 5 and 9pm. Artists are invited to come for some or all of the event. The DAI will provide materials (paper, pens, ink, pencils, crayons, pastels, watercolor, etc) though if you have materials you like working with, that’s fine too. You can also let Anne Dugan know if you have special materials requests (she will be shopping on Monday the 10th for materials. ) The aim of this art party is to create work that can be sold on the evening of the 21st. You’ll be allowed to say whether you want the drawings you make priced at $25/$50/$100 or put on the silent auction table. Oh, and since this will coincide with most folks' dinnertime, there will be pizza, beer and non-alcoholic libations to see you through.

Artists signed up for Tuesday's event include Adam Swanson, Moira Villiard, Ann Klefstad, Eric Dubnicka, Elizabeth Kuth, Shawna Gilmore, Susanna Gaunt, Jeff Kahlstrom and myself.
Please feel free to invite other artists/students to this party! Students are welcome to attend!

The fruit of this art party is to be served up at the Make Your Mark event at the Duluth Timber Company at 1400 Railroad Street. NOTE: Not the Depot or DAI Lincoln Building.
Friday, October 21 from 6:00-9:00 p.m.  The $50 cover charge includes food by Lake Avenue Cafe and music by the Silk Sheiks. Dress code is Timber Chic. (You'll have to research that via Siri or Google, DeepMind or Watson.) The event is indoors but not heated.

The fundraiser will include three “Rounds” of live drawing as well as some artists with easels set up painting throughout the event. All proceeds go directly to support the exhibits, education and public programs of the DAI.

Below is the list of participating artists.  

Artists working throughout:
Matt Kania, Robert Pokorny, Michelle Wegler, Fiber Guild, Henna Station

Round 1 (6-7pm)
Frank Saunder, Liz James (on the wheel), Adam McCauley, Kris Nelson, Dave Gilsvik, Ed Newman, Aaron Kloss, Susanna Gaunt, Karin Kraemer

Round 2 (7-8pm)
David Moreira, Karen Savage-Blue, Naomi Christianson, Moira Villard, David Short, Ann Klefstad

Round 3 (8-9pm)
Eric Dubnicka, Jeff Kahlstrom, Jessica Lisweski

* * * *
There are plenty of other activities taking place this month, like the numerous Shakespeare First Folio events at the Tweed and the Library, so you need to plan accordingly. Mark your calendars, as noted, and enjoy the shows.

Meantime... art goes on all around you. Dig it. 

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