Sunday, October 2, 2016

7 Reasons To Join Us at the Rex to Celebrate 25 Years of Highway 61 Revisited

"Twilight on the frozen lake
North wind about to break
On footprints in the snow
Silence down below..."
~Never Say Goodbye, Planet Waves

This past year has been pretty special around the Northland. The Duluth Armory, where a young Robert Zimmerman caught a spark from the still-shining candle of Buddy Holly, celebrated it's 100th anniversary. In May, Bob Dylan's 75th birthday was celebrated with a weeklong Dylan Fest the way only the people of his birthplace town could do it, with music, art, poetry, film and a mayoral proclamation. In two weeks, October 15, we're gathering for one more special celebration... 25 years of the KUMD radio program hosted by John Bushey, listened to worldwide through streaming media, Highway 61Revisited.

From our concert in the mud... 
This one will be especially sweet and for the next two weeks I''ll attempt to be as persuasive as I am permitted to induce you to join us for the celebration. There will be music, wonderful sounds from Cowboy Angel Blue and The Freewheelers, plus an assortment of special guests. Magic Marc Percansky will be on hand to MC. There will also be an auction of rare memorabilia from an assortment of places, including a few that will surprise you. Dylanologist Bill Pagel is donating several rare items from his collection, and Bob himself signed a copy of Bringing It All Back Home for this event. The aim of this blog post is to whet your appetite by showing you some of what you can expect to find. If I get a chance I'll see if there's an ATM in the building. In another post I'll provide a glimpse of a number of other items. Money raised will help defray the cost of the event while providing seed money for the 2017 Duluth Dylan Fest. 

The influential Donovan signed a photo from his early years.
Scarlet sent this photo from a very special time. 
With an inscription by the voice of Highway 61 Revisited, John Bushey
Donovan sent this signed photo of he and Hendrix. 
Another rare concert poster. Don't be late!!!!

Get your tickets here.

Meantime, life goes on all around you. Get into it.

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LEWagner said...

Thanks for the friendly invite, neighbor! I'll be there! :)