Friday, October 21, 2016

Chuck Berry at 90, Art Shows and Bucket Lists

"Is it rolling, Bob?" ~Nashville Skyline

This week I saw a news story about Chuck Berry releasing an album of new songs at age 90. Wowzer. Made me wonder what I will be doing for my 90th birthday. I immediately thought of former president George Bush's 90th birthday parachute jump. Then my mind meandered to the notion of bucket lists, parachute jumping in general (I made three jumps in college, before the tandem thing became preeminent) and what it was like to see Chuck Berry at Ohio U in 1973.

If it was indeed 43 years ago that I saw Chuck Berry, that means he wasn't even 50 yet. Back in those days Grace Slick of the Jefferson Airplane stated that no rock 'n roller should still be playing after age 50, that it was indecent (or something to that effect.) If I recall correctly her issue with old rock 'n rollers was that the songs were about protest against the establishment and the old people who ran it. So, has anyone seen her remarks about Coachella's Desert Trip?

To be frank, I would be interested in hearing what kind of songs Chuck Berry has been writing from the vantage point of a long life lived. As a result of an encounter with Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry signed with Chess Records in Chicago. Two Beatles covers were Chuck Berry hits from that time.

* * * *
Hanging the new show at Goin' Postal
So, what's it going to be? How's your Friday going? Here's a re-cap of three art events you might want to check out if you're here in the Twin Ports.

The Goin' Postal Fall Art Show is from 6-9 and will be at the usual location in Superior down by the tracks on Tower Ave, though the after party will move to the newly renovated Cedar Lounge. (FREE)

From 3-5 this afternoon there will be a We're Moving show at Art on the Plaza. Their new address will be 1413 Tower starting in November, but their closing celebration is at their Belknap Plaza location and you should try to be there, if nothing else than to hear Similar Dogs perform a couple songs with a guest harmonica player. (FREE)

Finally, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. the DAI Make Your Mark Fund Raiser is being conducted down at 1400 Railroad Street, between the Silos and Garfield. There will be local artists making live art as well as plenty more to see with many of the usual suspects on hand. ($50 per person) The attire is Lumberjack Chic, as there is no heat in the building. There will be lots of artists making art, however, generating a measure of warmth thereby. The turn is just before the tracks if you're coming from the direction of the AMSOIL Arena/Bayfront Park. Follow the signs till you get there.

* * * *
As for Bucket Lists, I first wrote about bucket lists in this 2009 blog post, and in re-reading it I can see that my somewhat short list is pretty much obsolete. Do you have a "Bucket List" and if so, how serious are you about it. I know some people swear by them as a means of staying motivated for living a life of purpose. What activity are you saving for your 90th birthday?

Well, if that seems a little beyond the scope of your imagination, then just make it your aim to visit with us at Goin' Postal tonight. There's a great batch of talent making art for the Duluth Art Institute, too. Live. For information on additional upcoming DAI exhibitions and events, here's a link to check out.

See you there.... or here, or wherever. It's a weekend. Why not start with art. 

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