Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Year In Review: Interviews of 2016, Part I

A hovering environmental statement by artist Kim Abeles
What a year! And it flew so fast. When I pulled together the interviews that have been shared here this year I had two thoughts. First, it seemed like some of these interviews were just yesterday. I can't believe how long ago they were. Second, I noticed that there were more interviews with authors and musicians this year. Interviews the past seven years were predominantly, though not always, visual artists.

I enjoy hearing creative people in all walks of life discussing their passions. It's been a privilege getting to know each one a little more fully (even though it's only been a surface scratch) and having a way to share their work with other.

Thank you to each of you who shared yourself and thus contributed to making this a more interesting blog to follow than it might otherwise have been. Have a very special New Years Eve and a meaningful year of fulfilling dreams in 2017.

Heidi Bakk-Hansen reminded us that the past is still relevant today.
Five Minutes with Screenwriter Matthew Dressel 

Local Art Scene: Spotlight on Jonathan Thunder 

Local Art Seen: The Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial in Duluth 

David Pichaske Talks About Poetry, Culture and His Insightful Dylan Study: Song of the North Country 

Interview with Author Jamie Hoang of Blue Sun, Yellow Sky 

A.I. is no longer future. It is now.
A Visit with Calum Chace on his new book The Economic Singularity 

The Creative Expressiveness of Etsy Boutique Owner Christina Iverson

Steve Addabbo Talks About Personal Highlights in the Music Business 

A Visit with Cheryl Prasker, Percussionist in the Rolling Thunder Reunion 

A Visit with Lonnie Knight, Opening Act for the Rolling Thunder Reunion

Ten Minutes With L.A. Artist Kim Abeles at the Intersection of Problem Solving and Curiosity

Five Minutes of Insight from Twin Ports Social Media Marketing Maven Molly Solberg

Still more to share. Tomorrow is another day. 

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