Friday, December 30, 2016

The Year In Review: Interviews of 2016, Part II

As the year rushes to a conclusion, there's a lot of looking back at the year that was, a year with weddings, births, political drama and significant losses. The weddings we attended were good, and though we mourn losses funerals can be "good" in a sense, too, as we remember a special person's virtues and contributions.

The list of celebrities who passed this year included many familiar names, including my father's favorite golfer Arnold Palmer and the first American to circumnavigate the earth in outer space, John Glenn. In the music realm David Bowie passed away early this year followed by Prince. Muhammed Ali will always be remembered being "the Greatest" during boxing's glory days. George Kennedy will always be remembered as the guy who stuffed eggs into Paul Newman's mouth in Cool Hand Luke. And Fidel Castro will always be remembered for... well, for being Fidel Castro. In November we lost The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and this week said good-bye to both Princess Leia and her mother.

As the year ends, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is flirting with new highs and many rich got richer. And although no one can predict what the year to come will bring, this year's crystal balls are more cloudy than ever with the new regime coming to Washington.

In the meantime, here are a few more interviews from the year winding down.

Another Visit with the Versatile Violinist Scarlet Rivera

Rolling Like Thunder with Gene LaFond 

A.J. Atwater, one foot planted here and the other there.
AJ Atwater Talks About Her Upcoming Event: 400 Paintings 

Esther Piszczek's Patterned Peace 

Martin DeWitt Revisited: Tribute to the Ayotzinapa 43 and His New Show at the Zeitgeist

Duluth Quantum Computing Project: Kathy McTavish's Latest Adventure

Artist Monica Ares Talks About Her Upcoming Show at the Washington Studios Gallery

Getting the Lowdown on Marc Gartman: An Interview

Sherry Karver: Art and Life in the City

Sherry Karver, capturing the spirit of the city. 

Triumph Over Terror: A Chaplain Shares Ground Zero Stories from the Aftermath of 9-11

Brian Barber was quite visible in 2016.
Ten Minutes with Duluth Illustrator-Animator-Designer Brian Barber

Catching Up with Artist Carla Hamilton

A Brief Visit with Sculptor David Asher Everett

A Quick Peek at What's New with Paris Painter AmyLee

Karen McTavish: Pushing the Boundaries of Quilting (Top artist interview of 2016)

A Visit with Ann Klefstad on Themes Related to the DAI's 4North

Boomchucks Drummer Brad Nelson Talks About Life, Music and Duluth Dylan Fest

A Rewarding Visit with Influential Writer/Entrepreneur Charles Chu, Including 4 Tips for Bloggers

A Visit with Tracy Maurer, Author of 100+ Books and Still Going Strong

Martin DeWitt injected his own form of energy into the local arts in 2016.

A Visit With Judge Mark Munger To Talk About The Writing Life

David Leaver Shares His Views On Dylan and the Nobel Prize from "Across the Pond"

Professor Craig Grau Shares Insights About Dylan, Duluth and Scarlet Town

Five Minutes with Jane Austen Fan and eBook Author Madeline Courtney

Thank you to all who have been following Ennyman's Territory, and especially for those who have shared it with their own friends or followers. The very best to you in 2017 as you follow your dreams, schemes and life themes. 

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