Sunday, February 5, 2017

CALL FOR ART: DULUTH DYLAN FEST 2017 & A Few More Remarks On Dylan's Nobel Prize

In May the Zeitgeist in downtown Duluth will be hosting an art exhibition in conjunction with the 2017 Duluth Dylan Fest. The DDF planning committee is seeking artwork based on or inspired by Bob Dylan and his music. An opening reception is slated for Monday May 22 during the week of Dylan Fest.

Submission Requirements: 
1. Artist's statement
2. Brief bio (2-3 sentences)
3. Submit one to four pieces (must send sample PDF or JPG format less than 1 MB each) to ennyman3(at)
4. Description of piece (Title, medium, dimensions, price)

Guidelines: All mediums of wall art will be considered.

Pieces MUST BE READY TO HANG. In many cases, that means HANGING WIRE.

Digital submissions must be received for review via email by April 15th. Artwork will be selected by members of the Bob Dylan Way Committee. Details about how and where to drop off and pick up artwork will be communicated by email upon acceptance.

To reiterate…  Out-of-town artwork is welcome. Shipping and handling matters should be arranged in advance.


* * * *

People Still Seething Over Dylan Winning Nobel Prize?

The other day on Minnesota Public Radio* they spent time taking calls on the topic of Bob Dylan and his Nobel Prize. I am only relaying this second hand, but that was the gist of it. A friend of mine said people were calling in to express anger regarding the songwriter being called a major poet.

The photos on this page are from the October 14 Wall Street Journal. The title of the piece shows where the faultline lies in this "fierce debate."

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Meantime, listen to the music.

EdNote: Photos of Wall Street Journal, Friday October 14, 2016 
* Or so I was told

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