Sunday, February 12, 2017

What Is A Writer?

What would you say if you were asked this question? While going through a box of junk and stuff I found these two short answers to this question people ask from time to time.

What is a Writer?

A writer writes.
A dancer dances.
Romantics like to live romances.
A fighter fights.
A singer sings.
A player plays.
A stringer strings.
A skater skates.
And maters mate.
A rater rates and daters date.

Performers like to put on shows
and pray no dozers are there to doze.

A painter paints.
A saint, he saints.
(Though some, I've noticed, really ain't.)

A thriller thrills.
A killer kills.
(And when he's your neighbor it gives you chills.)

A cook cooks.
A looker looks.
A bookworm plows through piles of books.
A cock crows.
A crow crawks.
A rose is a rose, it isn't rocks.

What is a writer?
I know you knows.
A writer writes.
That's how it goes.

* * * *

What is a Writer?

We know that satirists satirize,
that theorists tend to theorize.
A speciliast tends to specialize
and a publicist will publicize.
Eulogists verbosely eulogize
while economists economize.
Does  galvanist galvanize?
A Calvinist calvinize?
What happens when socialists socialize?
How do botanists botanize?
Just what does a pianist pianize?
In what manner do botanists botanize?
What do realists realize?
And what do idealists idealize?
You seldom see chemists chemize,
though makers of idols oft idoliz.

As for writers, I dunno...
When they're fertile they tend to grow.

* * * *

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