Saturday, April 22, 2017

Art For Earth Day, Duluth-Style

Queen Eleanore by Ingeborge
Violet and the Plant by Russell Gran

There's been plenty to see in our local arts scene. Though I only got to half of it, I saw plenty to keep me satiated, taking a more leisurely stroll rather than striving to inhale it all. If you were out and about, I hope you also got your fill.

Last night we were served the appetizer at Goin' Postal, as many as 15 artists assembled in that group show. Will try to share a bit that in a separate post. Less is sometimes more, the operative word being "sometimes."

What follows, in no particular order, are images from newly renamed 315 Gallery (formerly the Washington Gallery at 315 Lake Avenue North) and Lizzard's. It's always a pleasure seeing old friends, new work and new directions, accompanied by new enthusiasms.

Larger than life: the inimitable Mary Plaster.

Jonathan Thunder is preparing new work for a show at the DAI
Brianna Deterling /

Peering in through the window at Lizzard's.

White Daisies by Teresa Kolar is a captivating work. 
Patricia Canelake, flowing lines and delightful pastel colorations.

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Jonathan Thunder said...

Thanks for coming Ed! I wanted to mention that the first image is by Kevin Pendleton, an emerging artist in Duluth.