Monday, April 10, 2017

Heads Up! Erika Mock Textiles' Online Art Show Goes Live Wednesday

Erika Mock is an award-winning, outside-the-box Twin Ports-based textile artist. (See our 2013 interview here.) When I learned of her upcoming online art show I asked for details so I could share them.

Erika's Invitation

Background: It started with 2 questions: How do we honor transitions? How can my work reach out during a month I'll be moving my studio but not able to be on the road?

April is such a time of transitions. Winter into Spring (in the northern hemisphere). Easter. Mother's Day coming up. In my own creative life, I am once again moving my studio, which means I won't be on the road. So what does it look like to create an event that has access from anywhere, at anytime? Something inviting, and easy. The Online Art Show was born!

What: The Online Art Show is a special series of affordable new pieces inspired by my recent winter working on Pine Island in Florida. I began a new series there called 'Believe the Bird'.... I'm studying, watching, observing, learning from birds about energy, flight, the qualities of air.... and.... who we are as humans.

Many of the pieces offered are 'feathers'... small affordable eco-scarves that easily drape around the neck or shoulders. How do we wear our energy? How do we lighten up, yet stay in our bodies in times of transition? Especially in this current crazy time of extremes in the world.

Feathers remind us of levity, that we have wings, that we can shift our energy with air; by breath, lighten up. That we can discern... make our choices without judgement.

Feathers, when found, are often a gift.... so there is a gift for you, too! Free shipping from Wednesday April 12 thru Midnight April 14.

Look for free-spirited eco wraps /scarves, pulse warmers, and more. Most of the pieces are created in my Duluth studio and finished in the caboose in the forest where I live, infused with peeper song, and an occasional night bird. They are filled with positive transition juju! They are waiting for you to add the rest of the story.

When and How it works:
1) Sale starts Wednesday, April 12 and goes until midnight Friday, April 14.
2) Shop here: ..... Peruse the work in the comfort of your own time and space.
3) At checkout enter code: FLY17 to receive free shipping (continental US)*
Feel free to contact me with any questions​:
You can preview items for sales on Facebook:​

*purchases may be made after Friday April 14, but free shipping is no longer in effect.

* * * *
A Quick Plug Before Closing
It only seems right to add this addendum. If I'm going to plug one Etsy store, I may as well draw attention to my daughter's Picture Book Boutique. One-of-a-kind gifts for the wee ones. Ideal for baby showers and any other occasion where you want to make an impression.

Her blocks are very popular. It's been fun to watch her work evolve. I love all the five star reviews and the personalization.

Meantime, art goes on all around you. Get into it.

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