Sunday, April 23, 2017

Local Art Seen: Friday's Goin' Postal 2017 Art Show

A Tara Stone contribution.
The food, the wine, the music, the art and the crowd -- all combined to produce an artmosphere that made people want to stay, except then they would miss the after-party at Cedar Lounge. As always I myself enjoy hearing artists talk about their work, seeing "what's new" from our regularly featured artists, and taking photos so I can share them here.

Several Adam Swanson paintings made their presence known in one section of the room, and a massive Frankenstein head with glowing eyes captured another portion of the room. Hosts Andrew and Becky Perfetti, as always, produce a fabulous spread when it comes to eats, garnering assistance from the many artists who bring it all together.

The mash-up of styles and the mix of subject matter also makes this an exciting show. There is literally something for nearly everyone.

If you've never been, it's likely you will be surprised by the energy generated when so many people gather for an art event.

One of several colorful Adam Swanson pieces.
Vivid imagery by Ash Marnich.
An engaging dialogue beneath wall of photography by Johnny Mudd.
Andrew Perfetti's striking Globe News shot evokes retro mood.

The original version of my Dogs of War was displayed.
Karen Sunderman of public television's The Playlist interacts
with Goin' Postal owner/artist/musician and show host Andrew Perfetti.

In the sunlight and stillness that preceded showtime.
The finishing touch, John Heino.
Special thanks to Becky & Andy for organizing the event and to everyone who contributed in so many various and essential ways. This blog post shows but a fraction of all there is to see. Be sure to stop in during the weeks ahead and take it in at your own pace. 816 Tower Avenue, Superior.

* * * *
I would be negligent if I failed to mention the After Party @ Cedar Lounge.
But then, that's another story. 

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