Sunday, August 27, 2017

Chance Preview: Kathy McTavish @ the Tweed

This past week I finally got a sneak preview of the latest project Kathy McTavish has been working on, an installation titled Chance. Here are the opening paragraphs of her promotional statement, along with a handful of images I captured of the work in progress.

Chance is a synergetic installation that combines code, image, and sound to create a cross-sensory, polyphonic experience. A landscape of painted walls and multi-channel sound encloses the viewer. Choreographed by code, a circle of machine quartets investigate chance, emergence, friction, resonance and change ::: a cloud orchestration. 

Chance opens October 19, 2017. The year-long exhibit will be a living, evolving space ::: a residency / habitation / research lab / performance space. Printed artifacts will be left in the space to give the feel of blueprints / notes ::: a score. The Sax gallery at the Tweed is a luminous space. Its many skylights filter shifting seasons and variable weather patterns ::: a photosynthetic recitation. It provides a sanctuary ::: a place for rest and reflection

The room that houses the exhibit is itself is an architectural wonder. 
Installation art to some extent is a relatively new phenomenon, though one could easily point to the Sistine Chapel, Taj Mahal and other architectural wonders to support the counter-argument that installations are nothing new. What's happened in the past half century is simply a new iteration.

Kathy McTavish has a strong following here in the Northland art scene. Her works are continuously evocative and original, thought-provoking and surprising. And when October 19 rolls around, I hope to see you there so we can talk about it.

Meantime, art goes on all around you. What have you seen recently that moved you?

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