Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Marking an Oldenburg Moment in Time with an Official Proclamation

The transformation of the Oldenburg House in Carlton has been a thing of beauty. On Saturday I wrote about that very special evening of music featuring Pippi Ardennia, Glenn Swanson and friends. It's primary aim was a thank you to all who helped with the renovation of this grand old house in preparation for the next chapter in its story.

In addition to continuing as a Bed & Breakfast, during the months ahead the Swansons aim to host three-course dinner parties with live jazz. Upcoming shows are scheduled for August 19 & 20 and September 29 & 30. Book your Carlton Room reservations here at the Oldenburg House website.
Glenn and Emily prepare to read the Proclamation.


the historic and timeless setting known as Oldenburg House has since its founding in 1894 drawn together people of goodwill to conserve this region's history and beauty;

the talents, creativity, ethical practices and industriousness of the skilled craftspeople contributing to the ‘2017 reimagining of Oldenburg House’ have set the stage for a very bright future;

the generosity of spirit expressed by these skilled artisans and advisors has strengthened Oldenburg House and will be clearly recognized in all its future endeavors and activities;

Glenn and Emily Swanson do hereby honor and express their heartfelt appreciation, warm friendship and love for all who so graciously supported this effort.
We proclaim the great friends and partners identified below to be Official Oldenburgers;

* * * 
Leslie and Helen Swanson
William and Margaret Fuerste
Keith Stoltzfus, Worn Stairs
Bryan Gustafson, Wyatt Lemke, Jonah Parrott, Worn Stairs Crew
Ethan Gamble, Silverbrook Services
Dave Pritchett, Rudy Law
Bill Tresch Kitchens
Marcus Wise, Mason
Kevin Thoresen, Billy Peterson, Pippi Ardennia, Brian Neilsen
Tyler Swanson, TYLT Graphic Design
Roger and Jan Halverson, Matrix Resourcing
Brian Olsen and Dave Hurst-Great Concrete Guys
Kara Ketola and Shanna Wolfe, Woodland National Bank
Dan Hammond, Morningstar Woodwork, Inc.
Dan Barta, Barta Plumbing
Chris Lebrasseur, Mark Wisneski, Black Diamond Electric
Jim Suttie, Black Goose Chimney
Matt Boo, Duluth Stove and Fireplace
Chris Sundbom, T and C Hardwood
Matt, Alex, Matthew, Ben, Little Moose Painting
Mark Hagen, Hagen Glass and Paint
Michaela Rai Lemke, Matthew + Rai Creative
Doug Omar, Omar’s Sand and Gravel
Oldenburg Staff: Jarod Robertson, Cassidy Abbett, Jacob Sandkuyl, Aly Cassandro

We further declare that July 28, 2017 is the night to celebrate and appreciate the Oldenburgers’ tremendous achievements and we welcome them always to celebrate the milestones of their long and happy lives at this special place.

Emily Swanson
Glenn Swanson
July 28, 201

* * * *

For a first class experience, visit the Oldenburg House and make a memory.

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