Sunday, August 20, 2017

Local Art Seen: Today's Forecast: More Art In Bayfront Park

Nigerian painter Rahmon Olugunna
currently resides in Chicago.
It's another weekend of art in the park, this time Bayfront Park. In addition to nearly 150 artist's displays there's also a car show featuring vintage cars of a wide variety. Best of all, the event is free, with ample numbers of food vendors, beer and wine to keep guests hovering in the neighborhood.

It was a near perfect day yesterday, warm sunshine splashing everywhere. Though you'll find some of our local artists present -- Ryan Tischer's photography, Cheryl Husby's ceramics -- the majority of artists here hail from elsewhere, many from the Twin Cities. In addition to photography and ceramics, the mediums represented include painting, fiber arts, glass, wood, sculpture, metal, drawing and digital designs. 

Yesterday's forecast for the coming three days looked threatening, but right now there are clear skies and the expectation is that it will be all good. In fact, the same for tomorrow's Eclipse-watchers. Yes, the weather forecast has changed, and nearly everyone in the States that had been expecting the worst can now get their gear ready because the skies seem to be clearing.

Many of the booths at Bayfront feature practical creativity, from rings and things to filet knives and canoe paddles. But there's also art for display and collectibles. If you're in need of a gift for a special occasion, it's very likely you can find something unique that is perfectly suited to the person you care about.

Here are some images from our tour of the waterfront yesterday.

Bring out your pet's true spirit at

Kristi Abbott's pop iconography can be found at

Meantime art goes on all around you. 
Especially if you visit Bayfront Park today, 11:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.

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