Monday, February 26, 2018

Local Art Seen: Jane Wunrow's "Waking Dreams" at The PROVE

"She Wore A Red Coat"
"Of Varying Intensity"
Saturday evening a dozen or so Duluth poets assembled at The PROVE Gallery downtown for a St. David's poetry reading event. It was an insane night to be out with the severe weather already decimating the roads. At times the readings were interrupted by cars outside spinning their wheels while attempting to climb Lake Avenue from Superior Street. In short, I don't some of us felt a sense of satisfaction at being so hard core about poetry. People already consider poets a strange breed, so being out Saturday night was affirmation of such assumptions.

I actually had a dual purpose in attending. I'd intended to be present for the opening reception of Jane Wunrow's "Waking Dream" exhibition the week before, but was unable to attend. This blog post shows some of the work you missed if you were not there.

Detail from "She Wore A Red Coat"
She has 19 pieces on display, created with pen and ink, layers of gouache and occasional collage. Her work is in part influenced by the fragmentary nature of dreams, abstract imagery representing fleeting subconscious memories, not literal but rather elusive interpretations of reflections related to identity, metaphysical exploration and the nature of self in relation to the Divine.  The show will run through March 17.

"It Has Not Yet Been Revealed"
"When The Attack Is Due"
"Waking Dream"
"The Bridge"
Photo that shows scale of the work.

To learn more are Twin Cities artist Jane Wunrow, visit
Meantime, art goes on all around you. Engage it.

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