Monday, February 5, 2018

Local Art Seen: Karen Anderson's "Winter Woods" at Lakeside Gallery

Sign outside Lakeside Gallery on Saturday.
"When the weather outside is frightful..."
The warmth of an art gallery is so delightful, 
with refreshments and friends you know
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Yes, the roads may have been a little slick, but sand trucks and snow plows were out so you really could get around. Karen Anderson's opening at the Lakeside Gallery made for a nice destination, and as is often the case the place was abuzz. Anderson is a watercolorist who does nature scenes. Birch trees seems to be a favorite of many artists that painter/proprietor Aaron Kloss represents, and Anderson is no exception. They abundance of birch is an exhilarating part of living here in the Northland, and like the Great Lake many artists draw inspiration from this. 

The walls are awash with local art here. 

Like many artists, their reproduced pictures make great gift cards.
The guests on the right stand admiringly in front of Anderson's work.
The natural beauty of the region is compelling in any season.
The gallery has a wide range of gift items, locally made.
The title of Anderson's show is "Winter Woods."
Lakeside Gallery is located on Superior Street at 45th Avenue East. The door to the adjacent coffee shop is always open. Grab a cup of pick-me-up and enjoy the gallery. Anderson's show will be featured through the month of February.

Meantime, art goes all around you. Engage it.

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