Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Just Another Night at the Chipmunk Oasis (A Story in Pictures)

The Chipmunk Oasis:
A Typical Dive in the Zenith City, January 2018
Narrated by Yours Truly

It was a cold, dark night. I was standing by the stove to keep warm.
Mikos and friends were getting pretty heated about Trump's latest move when...
Roger Redbelly turned and made a sharp remark.
On the far side of the room da boys were in their own high stakes world.
Kingpin Carl had a dice table going down there, too.
Roger was hot now. Benny should've cut him off an hour ago...
Louie fidgeted. He didn't want to get involved.
"I'll see your five and raise you ten."
When Maxie expressed her concern to Benny he shrugged. "It happens every night.
Just then someone brought up the Russians and for a minute it looked like...
Well, you know how it goes. It wasn't pretty.
For what it's worth, everybody got home safe. 
Happy Wednesday.

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LEWagner said...

No New York Times readers in this crowd. :)