Tuesday, March 3, 2020

A Super Tuesday Comment

This was a ballot in one of the states.
(Posted on Twitter)
Look at the list of Presidential candidates on the left.
(Left side of the photo.)
Why were there so many?
And why are they not in alphabetical order?

Doesn't it seem strange? 
The majority have dropped out.
But one could grow quite tired by the end of the list.
It takes work to locate the one you want.
If you wanted one.
Great PR for Marianne Williamson's next book deal
and a little name recognition for all.

Just sayin'

*This is not a photo I took. It was posted on Twitter. I believe we had our ballots in alphabetical order by last name here in MN. (Pretty sure it was. Can someone correct me if I am wrong?)


LEWagner said...

The "election" process is as real as WWF wrestling, with kids thinking their cheering and booing "makes a real difference".

Anonymous said...

There is a law about that in Minnesota regarding the order of candidates on the ballot. Each of them gets to be at the top of the list on a similar proportion of the ballots. They may be in alphabetical order from that point, but every candidate gets his or her turn at the top.