Tuesday, March 17, 2020

A Family of Authors: Christina's First Book

My daughter Christina was home this weekend. During her visit, Susie showed us a book that Christina wrote and illustrated when she was four. This was the year I wrote, and sold, my own first book, 1993.

OK, not exactly how you spell Turtle, but it's creative.

Today Christina is a combination stay-at-home mom and crossword puzzle creator. One of her crossword puzzles that goes out via syndication will be in print this Friday in several newspapers. She's a contributor to the NYTimes and was co-collaborator on the first Times crossword puzzle of the new year and new decade.

Crossword Puzzles can make a nice diversion from thinking about coronavirus all the time. Here's an interview with Christina from last year, Creating Crosswords for Fun and Profit.

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Here's a link to my own books. Some are eBooks, some in print, a couple at our local library. And a link to The Red Scorpion, my first novel. I noticed yesterday that The Red Scorpion, has some parallels to COVID-19. Both stories begin in a foreign country, crosses into MN, becomes terrifying, results in some deaths, but ultimately has a happy ending. 

There's another aspect of the story that is intriguing. In my story, the Red Scorpion has the power to get inside your head so that you start to doubt whether it is real or not. It's uncanny how similar that aspect of things is in regards to our current pandemic.

Anyways, if you run out of things to do and want a little diversion, here are some ideas to hold you over till the libraries are open again. 

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