Saturday, March 14, 2020

Dylan's April Japan Tour Cancelled for Obvious Reasons

Longtime Dylan fans already know that is the place to go to stay current on Dylan's upcoming schedule. Want to know where Bob will be next and where, BobLinks has at all, thanks to Bill Pagel, one of the most organized people I've ever known. (Bill: when are you going to write that book on how to organize your home, your life and your passions?)

It was pretty exciting when the BobLinks calendar got updated for the Never Ending Tour 2020. 15 shows in Japan were slated from April 1-24. You'd never know that this cat was going to be 79 this year. After taking a month off in May, the NET would resume in June, beginning in Bend, Oregon, sliding down the West Coast and weaving its way across the South to various Eastern Seaboard venues.

FWIW, the Japan shows are cancelled. The U.S. show remain on the docket, but we'll see how things unfold. The pessimists abound, some predicting that a million Americans will die. The optimists quietly assert that 90% of what we worry about never happens. Just be wise.

Photo courtesy Philip Hale
I remember when Desert Storm was about to begin. Here's what I've written elsewhere after that 100 hour "war."

But what struck me — and many others — most was the disparity between what happened and what many talking heads predicted would take place. Before the campaign, code-name Desert Storm, we were continually reminded of the quantity of missiles, land mines and nerve gas the Iraqis had at their disposal. Furthermore, in its eight year war with Iran, Iraq had not lost a single defensive battle.

The pundits got it wrong. And not just a little wrong, but massively wrong.

I don't know where Bob will be spending his unscheduled vacation time, but I suspect he will attempt to remain "out of range" during these times that are ever more strange.

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