Thursday, May 21, 2020

Minneapolis Star Trib Features Bill Pagel and the Two Homes from Bob Dylan's Childhood

Bill Pagel, 2019
This was a fun story to read. Jon Bream of the Minneapolis Star Tribune (nicknamed the Strib by locals) has published a story about the the two homes Bobby Zimmerman lived in while growing up, here in Duluth and in Hibbing, both now owned by collector Bill Pagel.

Pagel, a relatively quiet behind-the-scenes kind of guy, was featured in chapter one of David Kinney's The Dylanologists, which mentioned in passing that he was in possession of Bob Dylan's high chair from when he lived in the duplex at 519 3rd Avenue East. At the time, the collector owned one Zimmerman house and that high chair. Since retiring he's devoted himself to filling the upstairs of this Duluth home with period furniture in accordance with the photos he's acquired from the time.

When I first got to know Bill he owned the house next door to the Hibbing home where Bob and his brother David grew up. He was like a mountain lion set to pounce the moment it became available. Today both properties are well on their way to being re-creations of their original forms.

Bass player Billy Peterson with Jon Bream during Paul Metsa's
Hour of Power program upon release of Bootleg #14
Jon Bream's article begins with this paragraph:
In his teeming Bob Dylan collection, Bill Pagel has more than 15,000 photos, 4,000 concert posters and 18 four-drawer file cabinets filled with manuscripts and ephemera. He owns the Minnesota native’s childhood homes in Duluth and Hibbing, not to mention little Bobby’s highchair.

The article includes 31 photos, including Bob Dylan's childhood high chair, which you can see online here at the Strib website.

Obviously not Bob Dylan Drive when Bob lived there.
The home he grew up in, today.

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