Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Mick Jagger at the West Theater in Duluth

OK, that's not EXACTLY the story. The real story is that The Burnt Orange Heresy is here for a limited run at the West Theater in West Duluth.

One of the saddest stories of the Covid-19 pandemic is the negative impact on small businesses, especially restaurants and theaters. Bob Boone put heart and soul into renovating this historic West Duluth treasure--the West Theater--only to have the pandemic jackboot squash this year's cashflow.

THIS ANNOUNCEMENT WAS IN MY INBOX a couple days ago, so I apologize for this late notice, but The Burnt Orange Heresy will be playing here through Wednesday.  You can see it tonight at 7 p.m. or one of the two showings tomorrow, at 2 and 7.

Here's the email I received from Christina Woods, Duluth Art Institute director:

Did you hear the news? The Duluth Art Institute was name dropped in the new movie "The Burnt Orange Heresy." If you’re ready to venture out to a movie — with strict social distancing — we highly recommend a real art film, in which Mick Jagger plays a collector who heaps praise on the Duluth Art Institute.

We’re not making this up — and along with the DAI, Duluth itself is a star of the show (and so is a nearby town, but enough of plot spoilers!) 

Starring Jagger, Claes Bang, Elizabeth Debicki and Donald Sutherland, “The Burnt Orange Heresy” is an edge-of-your-seat art thriller that briefly premiered in March — just as Covid-19 lockdowns hit — and never made it to Duluth. Now, it’s at The West Theatre for a limited run Friday, Oct. 9, through Wednesday, Oct. 14.

The West Theatre has reopened under strict social distancing guidelines, including closing every other row of seats, and at least two “buffer seats” on either side of your party. Temperature checks will be conducted and masks required except while eating or drinking in your seat. All customer contact surfaces are disinfected before and after the start of each show.

If “The Burnt Orange Heresy” isn’t enough of a local connection, The West is also showing Prince’s Minnesota classic, “Purple Rain.”

And what does Jagger’s character say about the DAI’s Toulouse-Lautrec? Sorry — we said, no more spoilers!

More on the film: https://thewesttheatre.com/showtimes/?id=ST00000134

* * * 

Well this isn't Mick Jagger's first gig on the silver screen. I was a freshman in college when Performance made the rounds, Jagger enjoying the role of playing a role. Rolling Stones tracks have appeared in 645 films and TV shows these past five decades. They are certainly woven into the culture.

FWIW: Bob Dylan has 825 soundtrack credits at this point in time. 

IF YOU GO, I would be interested in hearing what you thought.

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