Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A Quick Peek at the Duluth Art Institute's 63rd Arrowhead Regional Biennial

Modern Times--Jonathan Thunder. First Place.
Yesterday afternoon I visited the Duluth Art Institute to check out the Arrowhead Regional Biennial, one of the longest-running biennials in the country. The exhibition features a wide range of artwork produced within the last five years from artists residing in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan, and Ontario, Canada. 

133  artists submitted work to this 63rd Biennial. Kayla Aubid served as judge for the show. 27 artists' works were selected, showcasing work that examines community, the environment, heritage and current events. As usual, this is a special show with much to appreciate. Here are some of the photographs I took today along with links to some of the artists I have interviewed here over the years. (For best viewing, click to enlarge 

Clarion Whisper--Gary Carlson
Detail from Clarion Whisper
LaVentana--Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger

Empty Inside--Rachel Bruya
Contingent--Susanna Gaunt
Under Pressure--S. Catrin Magnusson
The Good Doc Poler--Chimakwa Nibawii Stone
Falling in a Forest--Adam Swanson
Painting 85--Scott Helmes
Painting 85 (Detail)
Reaching for Health--Loretta Bebeau

Reaching for Health (Detail)

Disclaimer: All the works you see here are more impressive in person. There were others I would like to have highlighted but the photos were not suitably sharp. 

The Duluth Art Institute is located on the fourth floor of Duluth's Historic Depot on Michigan Street. In addition to the Biennial, there are also exhibitions in the Corridor Gallery and the John Steffl Gallery.  


DavidAsch said...

Nice pics, Ed! Thanks for posting these and for your great article.

Unknown said...

The "DULUTH REGIONAL BIENNAL"is a high quality exhibition I like the subjects of inspiration of the paintings and the sculptures. It reminds me of the "FIGURATION CRITIQUE" french exhibition.

Phil said...

Fantastic art works. Thanks, Ed! It is wonderful to learn of this exhibit; looking forward to seeing it.

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