Monday, October 11, 2021

Singer/Songwriter Nevada Bob Is A Storyteller, Too

Nevada Bob. Photo: Gary Firstenberg
I've written a few blog posts about Nevada Bob Gordon this past year, chiefly pertaining to some CDs he's recorded in Nashville. He has a Johnny Cash baritone that is easy to listen to. 

In addition to singing, he has also written a memoir titled 50 Years with the Wrong Woman, which he hopes to see published before too long. 

The title, of course, is more for entertainment purposes. His wife, Carol, has been his inspiration from the day he set eyes on her.  In addition to covering other artists, Bob has recorded a half dozen or more songs for Carol.

Nevada Bob is a character through and through, and his memoir shows how much of a character he's been for the past 8-plus decades. This anecdote from his memoir will give you a clue as to where some of this came from. It apparently runs in the family.

Here's an excerpt from his manuscript, which I've been given the pleasure of reviewing. (Used with permission.) 

A Reno Trip with Emily

It was also around this time that Carol and I purchased our new home. Soon after we moved in, I was approached by my grandmother Emily Sharp. Emily was a young-appearing, attractive woman in her early 60’s. She wanted to fly to Reno, Nevada so she could gamble because she loved bingo games. Her husband, Bill Sharp, was working on a job that took him out of the country for extended periods of time, so she asked me to accompany her to Reno. 

Carol was not interested in the slightest in coming with us. This let us take advantage of a particularly lucrative package offered by Reno Casinos; soon, Emily had arranged for her and me to fly as man and wife. During the flight, the stewardesses’ treated me with a fair amount of disdain. I don’t know how they made the connection or assumption that this young man married a wealthy woman, but they definitely had, and throughout the flight they made me very uncomfortable with their glares. 

When we finally reached our destination at our hotel, a young lady got out of the vehicle with us. Trying to be polite, I carried the young lady’s luggage as well as mine and Emily’s into the hotel. I think the girl assumed I was flirting with her. 

After checking in the clerk said aloud, “Mr. and Mrs. Gordon you have room 114.” 

The girl looked at us in disbelief. My crazy grandmother, looking over her shoulder as we walked away, said, “It’s okay honey, he only married me for my money.”

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