Friday, July 29, 2022

Recipe for Nervous Breakdown Soufflé

While rummaging through old folders (am on another cleaning binge) I came across this recipe I'd forgotten about. If you try it, let me know what you think.

* * * 

Nervous Breakdown Soufflé


One case of Neurotic Pride

2 cups Basic Anxiety

1 fistful Self-Reproach 

1/2 teaspoon Self-Doubt Extract 

A dash of Legitimate Shortcomings 

One ounce Self-Hate 

One can Deep Depression 

A pinch of Sharp Criticism

* * * 


Peel and dice Neurotic Pride. Mash pulp with fork. Strain and set aside.

In large container, combine Basic Anxiety, Guilt, and Self-Reproach. Blend in Self-Doubt Extract and Shortcomings. Agitate.

Add Self-Hate and Neurotic Pride. Stir until completely mixed up.

Simmer for one year in an atmosphere of intimidation and fault finding.

Slowly stir in Deep Depression. Bring mixture to a rapid boil.

Ignite with a pinch of Sharp Criticism. 

Serve with spilt milk, burnt toast, or sour grapes. 

* * * 

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