Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Esther Piszczek's Discovery Art Show at the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Duluth Retail Center

The first time I tried to see an art show at the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Duluth Retail Center I gave up in frustration because I foolishly went to 425 East Superior Street. Because it was Blue Cross/Blue Shield related I wrongly assumed it would be located in the vicinity of our primary health care campuses. Eventually I figured it out, and in case you have never been there, it is a nice space which you'll want to be aware of, within walking distance of the Depot (Duluth Art Institute home) and our Duluth Public Library. The art space is located on the ground floor of the Maurices Building. If you're entering from the sidewalk, go left.

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Esther Piszczek's current exhibit is on display for a few more days only and will come down after the 20th. The show is called Discovery, the latest iteration of Esther's Zentangle journey. Discovery features her usual striking designs combined with a new presentation: Origami. This is her first solo show in six years.  

Esther is a Certified Zentangle(R) Teacher, a former attorney who now helps promote the local arts through her Twin Ports Art blog. She's developed a strong fan following, in part because of her encouraging manner of teaching and her uplifting spirit. You can learn more about Esther and her work


Artist Statement
This has been a year of great Discovery of things inside of me. I have discovered my worth, value, deservingness. These aren’t states I’ve earned, they have always been there waiting for me to open my heart and mind to their truth and presence. Through the gifts of Zentangle, Heartwork Journaling and channeling, I have opened my heart to the beauty and simplicity of what is and allowed myself to become. Allowing is a process. A process of noticing, accepting, releasing expectation, doubt, fear, and worry. Through the process of allowing, I have learned to trust that the unknown is not a fiend waiting to rob me of my security and joy, but a beautiful present to be acknowledged, savored, and held in gratitude. I have realized that a great, deep well of courage resides inside of me and this well never runs dry. I have accepted that I am enough. I am a fallible, imperfect human being and I am enough. I have acknowledged that my perfection is not required, and never has been. I am because I am. A being of pure light in human form remembering from whence I came and where I will return. Life is too short to wait for perfect, a state that will never come into being. This moment is here now. I am here now. This journey of discovery continues and I am curious to find out what the next moment holds. 

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