Friday, January 6, 2023

Poetry Corner: The Geometry of Innocence

The Geometry of Innocence

The geometry of innocence,
A perfect shape so pure and bright,
A circle, free of angles and bounds,
A symbol of honesty and light.

But as we grow and learn and age,

The edges start to dull and fray,

The lines become less clear,

And innocence slips away.

We're taught to fear and mistrust,

To guard ourselves and lock the door,

The circle becomes a cage,

Trapped forevermore.

But oh, to hold onto that pure,

Uncorrupted, innocent form,

To live in truth and honesty,

Would be a life truly reborn.

So let us strive to keep that flame,

To hold onto the geometry of our youth,

For in innocence, we find a peace,

That we can never lose or uncouth.

* * * * 

The origin of this post is a line from Dylan's "Tombstone Blues." The poem and image here have both been generated by an AI. The poem was created by ChatGPT. I chose not to edit this, to let it be. The illustration was generated by DreamAI. 

Normally I'd share my thoughts at this point but for now I am interested in yours. Feedback welcome in the comments. 

For some reason the phrase is mentally stimulating. I've reflected on it many times over the years. Here's a blog post I wrote about the Geometry of Innocence in March 2012. 

Meantime, life goes on. Enjoy the sun.

* * * *

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