Friday, January 20, 2023

More Examples of AI-generated Versions of My Own Original Paintings

This is a continuation of yesterday's post in which I showed the various ways one of my paintings had been interpreted by DreamAI.

Firebird (original painting)
Firebird Suite (AI collaboration)

Apache Brave (original)
The color scheme is there, but in the original 
he is looking to his left, and in the AI version 
he is looking to his right, a curious alteration.
The Pioneer (original)
AI collaboration using the "Floral" art style.

My Back Pages. 2"x 2" original painting
My Back Pages -- Flora Style
My Back Pages (Steampunk Style)
Amanda -- 12"x 24"
Amanda-esque AI interpretation of my painting.
Amanda -- DreamAI collaboration in comix style
The Boxer -- Acrylic on Illustration Board
DreamAI collaboration.

Dylan Received the Medal of Freedom -- Acrylic on Canvas
DreamAI rendition, Dylan receiving the Medal of Freedom
* * * * *
Nearly all of my art is available for lease or purchase. You can see more at my Many Faces of Ennyman site and on my Instagram page.

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